Somalia, Ethiopia forces Clash with Al-shabab in Baidoa

March 21, 2012

The clashes sparked after Al-shabab militants attacked early on Tuesday night on joint Somali and Ethiopian military bases in Isha Village, east of Baidoa town, reasoning an unconfirmed loss of life and damages.

Residents said both sides exchanged heavy machine guns and slight weapons during the attack that could be heard last nigh across the town, which has recently fallen to allied forces after Al-shabab quit from it.

Aden Ahmed Omar known as (Aden Biit), a police chief told Shabelle Medai that Al Shabab rebels launched a surprise attack late last night in the town, but Somali and Ethiopian forces fought back and inflicted heavy losses on attacking militants.

Alliance forces began this morning massive security operation some villages in Baidoa town to assure the overall peace and stability of the city where Somali speaker Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden is now touring and holding talks with local elders and community.

Source –  shabelle.net