Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) to host International Meeting in Addis Ababa

April 28, 2012

The aim of the meeting is to develop Democracy, Liberalism and the development of a Liberal Manifesto for Africa.

Dr David Hall- Mathews chairman of policy work group and Mr Christain Moon, head of policy, at Liberal Democratic Party of UK and Dr Lamina Ba, President of African Liberal Network, will attend the meeting.

The delegates includes Dr Joseph Misoi, International officer, from ODM of Kenya, (ODM leader is the Prime Minster of Kenya). Mr Roger Mancienne, senior advisor and policy Coordinator representing Seychelles National Party will also attend (SNP won 43.8% of vote and forms the main opposition in Seychelles parliament). Mr Warfaa, the Vice-Chair of central committee and Mr Artan of the central, committee of Kulmiye, the ruling party in Somaliland, will also be represented.

This is the first meeting of its kind by any Ethiopian political party to be hosted in Ethiopia. It is being held in partnership with British Liberal Democrats, with funding from British Parliament under The Westminster Foundation for Democracy partnership fund.
In a letter announcing the event, The Liberal Democratic party in London stated “…sees this meeting as an opportunity to promote greater awareness of liberalism in Ethiopia, a cradle of African civilisation and the second most populous country on the continent. As such, we intend to organise a public meeting with Ethiopian civil society and journalists, at which delegates will be able to share a platform with important figures from our hosts, the EDP.

The nine member executive committee of EDP will take part in all the meetings. The meeting is expected to cover important aspect, necessary for establishing Liberalism in Ethiopia. These will include pragmatic Liberal policy development, based on the Ethiopian public demand and current issue; pragmatic Liberal policy to solve Ethiopia’s economic, political and social problems.

EDP and the eight African Liberal parties will formulate a draft Pan-African Liberal Manifesto. Dr Lamina Ba President of African Liberal Network will present his on going work on African Liberal Manifesto. Dr Lamina recently collaborated with Louis Michel Member of the European Parliament, former Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs and EU Commissioner for Development.


EDP members in Ethiopia and Diaspora were delighted to hear the news. Many expressed their happiness to see an Ethiopia political party host such a meeting on African Liberal Manifesto. It is a national achievement for all Liberty loving Ethiopians. As one EDP supporter emotionally told a meeting “we the new generation Ethiopians are delighted to play our role in 21 century to eliminate dictatorship from the African continent. Our forefathers played an important role in fighting Colonialism and Apartheid. Liberty, Democracy and Governance are the new challenges and battleground for Ethiopians and our continent, Africa”.

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