Ethiopia – African Liberal Network Workshop held successfully in Addis Ababa

May 9, 2012

The Addis Ababa international conference was well attended including Dr Lamine Ba (president of ALN), Mr Nick Branson (ALN coordinator), U.K’s Lib Dem delegates including the Head of Policy at the Liberal Democrats, Mr Christian Moon; and the Chair of the Social Liberal Forum, Dr David Hall-Matthews and 9 ALN member nations where some of the delegates hold ministerial position on their respective countries.

True to the sprit of international liberal solidarity, not only was the workshop funded by Westminster Foundation of United Kingdom, expert advise on policy development and policy- making process was also given by our international liberal partner; Mr Christian Moon of U.K’s Lib Dem.
The objective of the workshop was for participant ALN parties to identify their liberal principles from their respective party manifestos, summarise and agree a text to draft a new liberal manifesto for Africa.

Ethiopian Democratic Party

On 7 May 2012, on the closing day of the workshop, during a public meeting/panel discussion, in the presence of political party representatives from AEUP (All Ethiopian Unity Party), prominent Ethiopians, members of the independent press, trade unions, human rights organisations,… etc, the new Addis Ababa African Liberal Manifesto along with twenty proposals which sets out how to implement those principles was presented by EDP’s president Mr Mushe Semu.

It was then followed by an interesting and lively question and answer session among our African and international liberal partners, invited Ethiopian guests, EDP leadership, members and supporters of EDP.

EDP leadership also took the chance to introduce our African and international liberal partners to Ethiopian traditional cuisine, culture, history and most of all Ethiopia’s unique hospitality.

On open double deck bus, right after the public meeting, our guests toured prominent places of Addis Ababa, Ethiopian National Museum and African Union Headquarter. Gifts which reflect the many and various unique culture and history of Ethiopia and its people were also presented to our African and International liberal partners by EDP leadership.

Ethiopian Democratic Party

Our forefathers played a commendable and leading role by spearheading the decolonisation of Africa and the establishment of the then Organisation of African Unity. As a result we now have the seat of African Union in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the world’s prestigious airlines, motto is ‘Bringing African Together’. True to its motto, no Airline in the world flies to as many African countries and cities as Ethiopian Airlines!!

EDP, the young pioneer of Liberal politics in Ethiopia, has now successfully hosted an international conference in Addis Ababa, the seat of African Union, where the new African liberal manifesto was finalised.

Put simply, for the first time in Ethiopian political parties history, along with its African and international liberal partners, EDP took the struggle for the understanding and dissemination of liberal principles and politics among the African people one notch up.

Once again, EDP pioneered and showed the way to the Ethiopian people that when it comes to the sacred liberal principles and values, no national boundary would stop EDP!

EDP firmly believes Africa’s resurrection and renaissance to a lasting peace, sustainable development and national reconciliation is through the adoption and practice of liberal principles and values.

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