Hu Jintao Meets with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Meles and Hu Jintao
June 19, 2012

Zenawi said that the Ethiopia-China relations are strong and comprehensive. The two countries hold identical position on many issues. Ethiopia appreciates China’s valuable assistance to its economic and social development and is willing to implement the bilateral consensus and further promote the development of the friendly cooperative ties.

Hu stressed that the issue of development is an urgent task faced by Africa. China always attaches importance to and backs up Africa’s development, supports African countries in implementing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, provides help for Africa through the Forum on China‚ÄďAfrica Cooperation (FOCAC) and highlights the cooperation in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure construction and human resources development. The fifth ministerial meeting of FOCAC will be held in Beijing in July. China is willing to jointly plan the future cooperation with Africa and further push foward the China-Africa new strategic partnership.

Zenawi noted that China follows the principle of respect for other countries’ sovereignty and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs, sincerely supports and helps Africa and is deeply welcomed by African countries. China is an important partner in the development and rejuvenation process of Africa. African countries hope to share and learn from China’s successful development experience, expect China to expand investment in Africa and strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperation on manufacturing and infrastructure construction. They believe China will play a greater role to promote Africa’s peace, stability and development. Ethiopia is ready to work with China to make the fifth ministerial meeting of FOCAC a full success and create a better future of China-Africa cooperation.

Talking about the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Hu pointed out that the summit is held under complex circumstances and in the context that the world economic recovery is faced with multiple challenges. China expects the summit to pay attention to the unbalanced development between North and South, objectively understand and correctly view developing countries’ contributions to the world economy and reasonable demands, enhance the representation and voice of developing countries in the global economic governance and protect their development space.

Zenawi said that the North-South unbalanced development is the root cause of all imbalances in the world. Ethiopia holds exactly the same view with China on related issues. His country and Africa are willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China on the issues of world economic growth, global governance and climate change, maintain the common interests of developing countries and promote the common development in the world.

Wang Qishan, Ling Jihua, Wang Huning and Dai Bingguo attended the meeting.