Iran plans to invest more in Ethiopia

December 9, 2012

Iran’s offer comes at time when Ethiopia is working on urban renewal of its cities not only to offer better services to the local populace but also provide a good ambience for foreign investors.

There are already some projects that have been implemented by Iranian companies in Ethiopia mainly in the fields of energy. Ambassador Bahreini says that owing to the appreciation by the Ethiopian government given on their quality deliverance a clearer path has been opened for further economic operations.

Currently, Iran is working on mechanisms that will have both countries learn more about what they each can offer.

Iran is also looking forward to having continued political consultations and dialogue with Ethiopia in order to share ideas and coordinate policies while engaging in different international and regional issues.

The economic transformation in Ethiopia has made it be recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. In order to keep the pace and satisfactorily achieve its development targets it is necessary that it adopts bilateral relationships especially with countries of great economic expertise like Iran.