EDP granted the status of Observer Membership in Liberal International

December 20, 2012

After careful consideration and deliberation, on the 58th Congress of Liberal International, which was held in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) on 19 October 2012, LI has unanimously decided to grant EDP the status of Observer Member of the LI.

LI is the world federation of over 100 liberal and progressive democratic  parties which was founded in 1947, premised on the Oxford Manifesto, to strengthen liberal protection from totalitarianism and communism.

It is to be remembered EDP, the young pioneer of Liberal politics in Ethiopia,  is already an active member of African Liberal Network ( ALN) since Nov 2010 and had also successfully hosted an international conference in May 2012 in Addis Ababa, the seat of African Union, where  the new African Liberal Manifesto was finalised.

Once again, EDP has pioneered and showed the way to the Ethiopian people that when it comes to the sacred liberal principles and values, no national boundary would stop EDP!  EDP has now joined the International Liberal family there by taking the struggle for  the understanding and dissemination of liberal principles and politics among the whole  world one step forward.


2 comments on “EDP granted the status of Observer Membership in Liberal International

  1. Congratulation to EDP, the only viable opposition political party with principle and conviction. Once again you have proven to be the party with substance, and I am confident that you will lead us all to a senseble solution from the problems and quagmire that our country is in.

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