Eritrea – What Is an Expensive, Idyllic Resort Doing in Eritrea?

April 4, 2013

Israel might have used one of the islands for signals intelligence aimed at intercepting Iranian weapons shipments ; in a reversal of sorts, the Iranians are now thought to be supplementing the Jewish state in their use of some of the most strategically-located real estate in the greater Middle East.

There isn’t much going on in Dahlak Kebir, so long as you discount a Human Rights Watch report, and various corroborating evidence , about the island being home to a secret prison camp for political dissidents. Ignore that, and little else seems to be hidden away on Kebir, save for a few archeological sites, a dilapidating runway, some mostly-unpaved roads, and miles of untouched coastline. It is a remote place made all the more so by Eritrea’s political isolation: the country has feuded or warred with most of its neighbors, most notably Ethiopia, which still has a close, cooperative relationship with Europe and the United States. Click here to read full text (the Atlantic)


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  1. “More recently, Vincent says that Qatar has explored possible upgrades to the port and oil refinery in Assab..”

    Why the hurry? Assab area should be a no go zone until the the border dispute between Ethiopia and ‘Eritrea’ is settled.

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