Ethiopia Detains Top Taxmen

May 11, 2013

 Melaku Fenta
Ato Melaku Fenta

The Federal Anti-Corruption Commission (FACC), in coordination with the national security agency, has arrested 16 people, including top government officials on allegations of corruption.

Melaku Fenta, director of the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA), who has retained his position since 2008 at the inception of ERCA is the most prominent name on the list. Gebrewahid Woldegiorgis, deputy director of ERCA is the second name listed by the state media.

The names of the other 14 detainees have not been released.

Source Addis Fortune



6 comments on “Ethiopia Detains Top Taxmen

  1. It reminds me of Seye and Tamirat. I guess the main reason of this guy’s arrest is disrespecting his superior. In Amharic Tigab Tigab Alew. Otherwise I rarely hear TPLF/EPRDF officials even cadres prosecuted for corruption unless one quarrels with TPLF/EPRDF.

  2. I hear justice minister Birhan Hailu, again from ANDM, removed from his post. This really shows TPLF is flexing its muscle at the vulnerable. Where does this lead us?

  3. ሙስናን የመዋጋት እርምጃው መበረታታት አለበት ይሁን እንጂ ይሄ ሙስናን የመዋጋት እርምጃ ራሳቸውን ከህግ በላይ ያደረጉ ሰዎችንም ካልጨመረ የተሟላ ሊሆን አይችልም:: ቄሱ እንዳሉት “አትጠጡ አልኩ እንጂ አልጠጣም አላልኩም” እንዳይሆን::
    ስለዚህ የህግ የበላይነት ሲሰፍን ብቻ ነው ትልልቅ ሌቦችም እንደተራው ሰው ህግ ፊት ቀርበው የሚጠየቁበት ሁኔታ የሚፈጠረው::

  4. Good. Less corruption means less bureaucracy. We need also to have more transparency as additional tool to fight corruption.

  5. I knew HE Hailemarim Dessalegn was destined to rule us, an honest, commited, educated, God fearing person, whatelse do we want from a PM.

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