Egypt deports 50 Ethiopians trying to enter Israel

May 17, 2013

Egypt has deported 50 Ethiopians after they were caught in the Sinai Peninsula trying to infiltrate across the border into Israel. Official sources at Cairo International Airport said that the fifty were put on an Ethiopian Airways flight to Addis Ababa on Thursday morning.

Security staff seized the Ethiopians in groups over a period of time. Travel documents were issued by the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo to facilitate their journey back to Addis.

Residents of several African countries try to infiltrate into Israel in search of a better life. In the past, Israel used to grant them passports, but sheer weight of numbers has led to the authorities taking measures to stop them getting across the border. These have included an electrified fence built on the border since the Egyptian revolution. Any illegal migrants not caught by the Egyptians are usually captured by the Israelis and deported from Tel Aviv.

– Middle East Monitor


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  1. I can not wait for the day when we Ethiopians stop fleeing our country! I hope and pray it will not be that long. During our King’s Period, all the students who left Ethiopia for study/visit, came back home with even contemplating to stay away.

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