Ethiopia, Egypt to continue dialogue

June 18, 2013

ERTA – Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Tedros Adhanom and Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr agree to continue the dialogue for win-win solutions on the Nile Basin outstanding issues.

The two ministers showed interest to strengthen bilateral relations and coordinate their efforts to reach an understanding regarding all issues between both countries on the basis of trust.

With regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), they agreed as per the Terms of Reference of the International Panel of Experts to immediately initiate consultations among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. The consultation is intended to help move forward with the implementation of its recommendations.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia welcomed the Egyptian initiative to begin consultations amongst the Water Resources and Foreign Ministers of the three countries at technical and political levels.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister expressed Egypt’s concerns on the GERD. The Ethiopian Foreign Minister assured his counterpart that the Dam is being built in a way it addresses Egypt’s water security concerns. The Ministers agreed to take into account the developmental interests of Ethiopia as well as the water security concerns of downstream countries.

Dr Tedros reiterated Ethiopia’s previous position that commits to a win-win solution as the basis for future cooperation.

Both ministers stressed the need to continue the dialogue and communications to follow up on the outcome of this meeting.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia accepted the invitation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt to visit Cairo in the near future.


3 comments on “Ethiopia, Egypt to continue dialogue

  1. Here is what I got from another forum called ‘Topic’. I support what the MP says except the contamination thing. Any way we all come from Adam and Eve why do we need to fight.–

    “Opposition MP says Ethiopia is too soft on Egypt

    (Sendek newspaper) Girma Seifu, the MP representing the largest opposition party in Ethiopia accused the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s ruling party of being “too soft” on Egypt.

    According to local media, Mr. Seifu said Ethiopia should not “waste time” defending its right to build the GERD dam since the new Nile basin treaty permits developments in all upstream nations without notice to Egypt.

    The opposition MP also accused the ruling party of not priortizing irrigation projects along the Nile river since millions of Ethiopian people need food more than electricity. He suggested building “five irrigation projects alongside the Blue Nile to benefit Ethiopian farmers. ”

    Mr. Seifu said current negotiations with Egypt are meaningless unless Cairo proposes to pay Addis Ababa billions of dollars annually to compensate the Ethiopian peoples’ loss of economic productivity from not utilizing their Nile resource for irrigation and electric power. He also claimed the hydro-dam will help Egypt and Sudan since more electricity for the Ethiopian rural population will reduce deforestation from charcoal use and increase rainfall to the nile.

    In the unlikely case of an Egyptian military attack on the dam, the MP recommended the Hailemariam government to keep all options open; including full blockage of the river’s flow, attacking the Aswan dam and other targets inside Egypt as well as using chemical contamination as last resort to make the water flowing downstream to Egypt “unusable.”

    A spokesperson for the ruling party rejected any escalation of the conflict and expressed confidence in finding a peaceful solution.”

  2. Probably it is one of the multi faceted approach of Egypt. It is now all public how the current Egyptian politicians wants to resolve the Nike issue. Ethiopia should always be careful and beat this in mind when dealing the issue with Egypt.

  3. I think now is the time for Ethiopia to promote/ champion its cause when it comes to Egypt and Nile. Egypt seems in a deep trouble. Its stability is gone with the removal of Mubarek. The recent election of Dr Morsi of Brotherhood is not helping Egypt either. The people are more divided than before. Egypt’s government seems to lose its secularity soon. I can not see any light at the end of the tunnel for Egypt in the near future. As an Ethiopian, it certainly is the least of my worry!!!! Long live Ethiopia and its interest!!!

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