Ethiopia “Utterly Condemns” Killing of Its Citizens By Saudi Forces

November 11, 2013

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “utterly condemned” the killing of its citizens by Saudi Arabian security forces and demanded urgent explanation on the issue. The Ministry in its statement sent to ERTA on Sunday recalled that the Saudi government is undertaking various activities to deport foreign citizens with no residence permit there.

The statement said two Ethiopians were killed in the process on Saturday by Saudi security forces which it said has deeply saddened the people and government of Ethiopia. The Ministry “utterly condemns the killings and demands urgent explanation from the Saudi government,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the statement said the Ethiopian Government has already started efforts to rescue its citizens in Saudi Arabia through its embassy in Riyadh. Firstly, the Embassy in Riyadh has started working in the area the problem has happened by establishing temporary office, it said. It announced that the Embassy has finalized preparation to start registering Ethiopians for repatriation.

It also said a senior group from the head office would soon move to the place to assist in the process. The consultation with the Saudi Arabian Government to protect the security and rights of citizens and make sure that citizens’ human dignity is safeguarded would continue, the statement added.

The Ministry urged citizens to refrain from illegally going to any foreign country knowing the negative consequences thereof. It also called up on the public to play positive role in preventing the situation.