Ethiopia is Strategic State …

December 24, 2013

Ethiopia is Strategic State and its Relationship with Sudan will Reach to Integration Soon; Interview


Q: What is the secret of the rapprochement between Sudan and Ethiopia at this time?
A: Ethiopia is an important country and considered the most important country to Sudan in political, diplomatic, economic, security and social fields, so Sudan aimed to develop its relations with Ethiopia. Our view of the relationship with Ethiopia should be based on a clear strategy of integration between the two countries in all fields with cultural and social integration, where there are elements available for this integration

Q: What are these elements?
A: These elements represent in natural resources, geographical location and massive human abilities available in the two countries. We should take advantage of the inherent strength, which is represented in three main pivots, namely natural resources, geographical area, population density, and both countries have these powers, which must be highlighted and activated. We aim to integrate Sudan and Ethiopia, as both countries have considerable resources and we have to collect these resources with each other to establish a solid relationship with regional and international effects.

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