Grabbing the Ethiopian lion by the tail with help of Bollore

January 23, 2014

By Geleh Ali Marshall

Somaliland is cleverly inducing a third party –Bollore Africa Logistics to facilitate and bring into fruition the elusive Berbera Corridor that holds so much economic promise for this young nation irrespective to its inability to partake in or to become a party to an international agreement. Bolloré Africa Logistics is well suited to harness and fulfill Somaliland’s aspirations due to its political influence coupled with its shear capacity, comparative-advantage and expertise.

Once implemented the Berbera-Corridor will connect Somaliland with the emerging 90 plus million nation of Ethiopia that has been one of the fasts growing economies in the world and better yet that has managed to sustain its growth. President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud Silanyo of Somaliland has pertinaciously toiled for Berbera Port and its corridor to Ethiopia to be fully agreed on by the nexus of parties involved, the Somaliland president has visited both capitals Addis Ababa and Paris within this single month retaining to this matter.

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