EDP Collecting Petitions

March 8, 2002

Addis Tribune, Addis Ababa – The Ethiopian’s Democratic Party (EDP) is collecting petitions to be submitted to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Secretary-General of EDP, Ato Lidetu Aytalew told Addis Tribune that they are collecting the 100, 000 signatures from the residents of Addis to file the disapproval of the people to the Algiers agreement signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea. He said the Agreement was made without the consent of the peoples of Ethiopia and does not reflect the country’s interest.

Lidetu said the petition is also meant to oppose the ruling by the Border Commission in The Hague, Netherlands, which he said would harm the country’s national interest, and to call up on the United Nations to stop the works of the Commission before the announcement of the verdict. He said it is to call to the attention of the UN to reconsider the matter. Lidetu however said some members of the police are harassing EDP’s personnel who are trying to get signatures of residents in Addis.

The Secretary-General meanwhile said the leadership of the EDP would travel to Awasa, the capital of the South Ethiopian Regional State to hold a meeting with supporters and residents of the town. He said the meeting on Sunday (March 11,2002) would focus on the Party’s program and current issues related to the country.