Ethiopia dispatches their troops around Gedo

Members of Ethiopian Naitonal Defense Forces joins AMISOM
February 22, 2014

Shabelle – Ethiopian troops are currently moving their forces spreading out their fleet in some of the territories in Gedo region, where some of the region is controlled by Al-Shabaab.

The area where Al-Shabaab control, Buurdhuubo and Baardheere, is said to be tense and the civilians residing in those areas are very frightened ahead of the upcoming battle between Al-Shabaab and Ethiopian troops.

The Ethiopian battalion of troops, who are moving around the Gedo region, have left the Baladxaawo district in the region and rumoured to be on their way to Garbaharey district, the provincial capital city of the region.

Since the Ethiopian forces have joined the AMISOM’s peacekeeping operations, they have been planning their offensives against the major battle against Al-Shabaab in some of the regions in the country.