Is there a case to renegotiate AFD? Part 1

Before I go any further, however, let me make my stand very clear from the outset. First, in principle and to the extent possible, an all-inclusive and the widest possible opposition alliance against the incumbent TPLF’s regime is a necessity. There can be no illusion on it. Opposition political parties do desperately need to pull their meagre resources together to get rid of the TPLF from power. We know from experience that no single party alone is currently capable of removing TPLF. The opposition forces uncoordinated and scattered struggle is not going to get us anywhere. In light of this,…

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No “unnecessary measures” after border ruling, gov’t says

ADDIS ABABA, 5 April 2002 (IRIN) - The Ethiopian government has pledged not to take any "unnecessary measures" that could lead to further conflict with Eritrea after a ruling on their common border is announced next week. "Ethiopians will not take unnecessary measures that could lead the country to an endless conflict and bloodshed," a statement by the information ministry said on Thursday. "The Ethiopian people should take a balanced decision on every national issue that can defend the interests of the country in a sustainable manner." An independent Boundary Commission in The Hague is due to announce its decision…

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EDP Collecting Petitions

Addis Tribune, Addis Ababa - The Ethiopian's Democratic Party (EDP) is collecting petitions to be submitted to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Secretary-General of EDP, Ato Lidetu Aytalew told Addis Tribune that they are collecting the 100, 000 signatures from the residents of Addis to file the disapproval of the people to the Algiers agreement signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea. He said the Agreement was made without the consent of the peoples of Ethiopia and does not reflect the country's interest. Lidetu said the petition is also meant to oppose the ruling by the Border Commission in The…

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