Comment on Tesfaye Gebreab’s Interview

April 25, 2009

By Bekele Habte

After reading the book entitled “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”, I admit it was with high expectation that I started listening to Tesfaye Gebreab interview with Ato Abebe Belew at Addis Dimits. For reasons listed below, my interest did not last long. I found Ato Tesfaye’s replies very poor by any standard, at times self-contradictory and self-discrediting.

The most repugnant part was Ato Tesfaye’s assumption that the public is so stupid to notice his clumsy evasion tactics and convoluted logic. Put simply, the interview shades some light on Ato Tesfaye Gebreab to reveal who he is more than his memoir. Let’s see what he had said:-

On Question of Eritrea’s Referendum: When Ato Tesfaye was asked whether the referendum was fair, just and to an acceptable standard, his response was clumsy to say the least and a bit comical. He said: “he was young, not mature enough to understand the Eritrean issue”. Can you believe it? Was there any Ethiopian at the time who had no view on the subject leave alone the head of EPRDF propaganda-machine?

What he forgot however is that, in his book, he was self-congratulating himself for being a propaganda guru of EPRDF to reform the Dergue’s propaganda system, confront his bosses and protect the ‘people’s interest’. Judging against this background, when it comes to the referendum, it is comical to hear Ato Tesfaye portraying himself as if he were in nappies with his milk bottle in his hand for failing to understand the implication of Eritrea’s succession.

Credit to Ato Abebe, when Tesfaye was further asked what he thinks of the referendum now from the benefit of 17 years hindsight, he just said “he did not participate on the referendum personally but he noticed that his parents were very happy to participate on the referendum”. When the interviewer further pushed whether Eritrea’s independence was a good thing, Ato Tesfaye clumsily tried to avoid the question by talking about the unity of Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti etc.

By the way, where did we hear this logic before? Yes, your guess is as good as mine. Of course it was from EPLF cadres before the Independence. When they were asked about federation or confederation with Ethiopia, they used to argue- why not with Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti or a confederation of the Horn of Africa, to belittle the historical, cultural and blood ties between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The most revealing part is that, after saying he was in nappies to understand the complexity of the Eritrean independence, he turns to become an expert in the history and psychology of the Amharas and Oromos. Here is where the little knowledge becomes dangerous.

Credit again goes to Ato Abebe for highlighting the venom that Ato Tesfaye packed in few pages of his book while he was on EPRDF payroll as editor-in-chief of the propaganda.

This is the interesting bit. When it comes to the venom he wrote to instigate hatred and bloodshed between the Amharas and the Oromos, Ato Tesfaye is telling us in no uncertain terms, he is an expert to be believed and trusted on the subject. It was with this ‘expertise’ conviction he wrote Ye Burka Zemeta and still defends it. Probably that is why Dr Negasso Gidada remarked, Ato Tesfaye not only wants to be an Oromo more than the Oromos themselves, but also he portrayed himself knowing about the Oromo more than the Oromos themselves!!

The big deception I want to highlight is this: how come a person who simply dismissed an important question like that of the Eritrean referendum by saying he was too young to understand can claim at the same time to be an expert when it comes to the Amharas/Oromos issue? It seems to me that, when it suits him, all of a sudden Ato Tesfaye is elevated from a small boy in the nappies to an expert!

If one is curious enough to ask, may I ask why the characters weren’t, for example, Eritreans and Tigreans or an Eritrean from Hammasen and an Eritrean from the low land? The truth is he was on full pay as a chief propagandist to spread hatred between Amharas and Oromos. At least, “I am sorry, I was naïve or I was exploited” would have restored his credibility in the eyes of the Ethiopian people. Instead, he foolishly chose to believe the unbelievable.

I am a boy from Bishoftu

In the interview and in his book Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha, Ato Tesfaye says he is an Ethiopian. That is good and no one can take away that from him. Nationality is a choice but it is also nationalism. Nationalism is a belief primarily based on the unity of the people and territorial integrity of a country.

Then how come that he claims to be an Ethiopian nationalist and has no feeling or views about the secession of a part of his country? When a knife is put to severe historical, cultural and ancestral relationships, it should have at least triggered some feelings no matter how irrational nationalism may be.

Ato Tesfaye not only failed to put into context the illegal separation of Eritrea, he was also quick to seize the opportunity to promote the very idea of the unification of the Horn of Africa that EPLF gurus advocate as diversional tactics. So, is Ato Tesfaye’s comment a mere coincidence or a reply off the script?

In one hand, Ato Tesfaye tells us he is a boy from Bishoftu and yet he justifies the original divide and rule days of EPLF/TPLF joint operation; by emphasising what divide people than unite them. This policy has been tested and failed. Even those who drew the blue print and implemented the policy are distancing themselves from their work which led to the massacre of innocent people in Ethiopia. To love Ethiopia, is to love all its people, not only the Oromo, but also the Amhara or the Tigre or The Hadya, etc as well.

Ato Tesfaye told us he is through and through an Oromo because he is from Debre-Zeit and speaks the language. So why didn’t he then join OPDO than TPLF since at least joining OPDO should have lend him some credence to his story. Then what has he got to do with TPLF? What made him a centre player of TPLF structure unless he was banking on his Eritrean heritage? If not out right deception, is it not hypocrisy?

For that matter, most of EPLF leaders from Ambassador Merkorios to many of the leaders and diplomats were born and raised in Addis Ababa. A place of a birth does not automatically equate to loyalty to the people.

On Ye Burka Zimeta: Ato Tesfaye should understand that there is no new discovery in his book entitled Ye Burka Zimeta or no inspiration is needed to write a propaganda pamphlet. All those sayings and venoms were by and large propagated by all liberation movements. This was and still is propagated by many liberation fronts which dream creating banana states to become head of the state.

The template is already out there and one only needs to insert the characters of the evil and the good, the oppressor and the oppressed, the perpetuator and the victims. Amharas were favorite evil characters for liberation movements in the last 40 years. Even today, nothing has changed except Amhara is being replaced with Tigre or Abyssinia to bundle up Tigre and Amhara. And yet Tesfaye calls his propaganda pamphlet a creative art and a result of his fertile imagination. What an imagination!

Ato Tesfaye pleaded in his interview, compared to what is being propagated by other hardliners, his Ye Burka Zimeta is mild and moderate. Ato Tesfaye should have thought twice before insulting our intelligence. To begin with, it easy to understand the position of secessionist hardliners, as they do not believe in Ethiopiawinet and their approach is consistent all along with their belief. We do not expect from them otherwise.

What makes Ato Tesfaye’s position disingenuous is that while he is disseminating venom and discord among Ethiopians in the book, he is swearing on Ethiopia at the same time.

Unless Ato Tesfaye is taking the Ethiopian people as a fool and stupid, Ye Burka Zimeta was not written with the intention of promoting peace and reconciliation among Ethiopians. Divide and rule was the official policy and he was paid to head the execution of this policy.

We all heard it in the meeting holes, speeches of Tamerat Layne, Lencho Letta, Negado Gidada etc. Marketing mistrust, division, hatred was part of the job description of chief propagandist. Sorry, I was naïve or I was exploited would have helped towards closing this subject.

Today, many architects of the divide and rule policy are coming out public to express their regrets saying how naïve and ignorant they were. Even the top leaders of TPLF like Ato Gebru Asrat, Seye Abreha, General Abebe Tekle Haymanot, Andargachew Tsiege have the courage to say we were naïve and ignorant to take measures that damaged the national interest of Ethiopia like that of making Ethiopia land locked.

Put simply, Ye Burka Zimeta was a book written on the basis of EPRDF’s infamous balkanization of Ethiopia. Ato Tesfaye was there at the time promoting TPLF’s interest. To me, to deny this at this moment is tantamount to stupidity and ignorance.  It may be hard to swallow the truth on the part of Ato Tesfaye. But denying this truth will not get him anywhere; not least the respect and love of the Ethiopian people.

Hey, the most honourable thing to do would be for Ato Tesfaye to say sorry about the book rather than trying to defend the indefensible. Time has changed. Yet Ato Tesfaye sticking to the original plan of divide and rule on the interview and defending earlier plans of stirring genocide is very regrettable.

In conclusion, Ato Tesfaye lost credibility with me when he clumsily avoid the issue of Eritrea and keep justifying his toxic work while he was editor-in-chief of propaganda. Sorry would have been one-step forward.

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89 comments on “Comment on Tesfaye Gebreab’s Interview

  1. Why does the writer need to bash Tesfaye Gebreab? Does the writer know at all that off all the TPLF defectees, it is only Tesfaye Gebreab who disclosed TPLF’s secret? I have not heard Seye, Gebru Asrat, etc exposing the pillage of Ethiopia by TPLF. Their opposition only to Eritrea and Shaebia.

    Thus, we need to give credit for Tesfaye for divulging some of the TPLF informations.

  2. It is a very good article. After i read this article, Tesfaye Gebreab should stop using the name Ethiopia to cheat Ethiopians. He can not fool anyone any more.

  3. It is amazing that Tesfaye was silent when he was asked about Eritrean Referendum. As the writer argues also, Tesfaye was preaching the confederation of the Horn of Africa? Why? To what end? What is his mission? Ethiopians should be very carful before applauding him. We should not let ourselves to be cheated every time.

  4. Independent Eritrea at the expense of Ethiopia. That is what Shabyan boys want.(I dont say Eritrean as I still believe Eritrea is illegal country)
    Regarding the intrview, Tesfaye was not telling the truth.
    When he try to evade the important question about the referendum by saying that he is too young to have the cognitive ability to understand issues around referendum then that should have infuriated the interviewr. But what ever is his motive, I thank the interviewr for letting him talk

  5. ato bekele
    you have highlighted good points for tesfaye Exemplifies as the horses from quendedo. the carraige pullers. (yegari feresoch) this was reflected on certain politicians of the diaspora.

    thank you again ato bekele

  6. Tesfaye wrote what he thinks right and important. Our main problem is that most of our people do not wrire their accounts at all.

    Tesfaye should also be judged against this background.

    No matter his standard of writing, Tesfaye should still be appaluded and encouraged as the other option will be not having any book. That we do want.

  7. I do not think the discussion was if he should have not written YeGazettegnaw Mastawosh or not. This discussion in the article is that he lied and he is inconsistent, lacks genuineness in his responses. Honest response would have given him credibility among Ethiopians. For me he could have closed this chapter by saying ‘he could have not written that book if it were now’ and express his regrets.

  8. i read his latest book. i was laughing in the middle of reading.
    there are a lot of self-contridacroy ideas in his book. there were a lot of subtle points which i read twice or thrice for my understanding and finally those points told me that the writer was totally biased, unprofessional or unethical in using words. i am deadly sure he does not care about ethiopia but he does not know eritrea so he is in identity crisis. he tried to be open in some unimportant points to cover his biasdness problem. after all if he really meant it why did not he leave his job and do what his mind told him to do.

  9. He guys – be easy on Tesfay. Of course he did not write anything on ethi0-eritrean relations! He left ehtiopia and do you want him to close all his exits. If he wants to eat injera, he can come to Asmera. I hope he will write a book on eritrea some time in the future. By the way I really did not understand how he paid his way, staying in hotels, playing in the best night clubs, sleeping with the beautiful girsl of mozambique. Can any one ask him where he got the money and how he smauggled it? In my book it is called aradanet!!

  10. Tesfaye G/ab is a representative of Shaebya.
    He has no ethics of a good writer.
    BTW I am not woyane or ther party, but the way he writes & replies is so emotional.
    If he were standing for the people of ethiopia why he lotted a big sum of money while he was editor of Efoyta.

  11. Tesfaye is not a writer at all; in the sense that he doesn’t write with free concince. The so called Yegazetechaw mastawesha was organised and edted by Yemane Gebreab the top PFDJ. Tesfaye had agreed to write the book with the intention of getting some money and no more. As to whether he was mature at the time of referendum, even now irrespective of his age, he needs to mature in the actuual sense and aquaire “a principle of life”. To concluce he is just a tag and no need of discussing him without associating him with the PFDJ “smart” propogandists.

  12. Tesfaye is a good writer by his own standard but I don’t know why you guys in diaspora always complain when it comes to issues of national interest, you guys will also complain if the same memoire was written by John Grisham.

  13. It was an intersteing article. It has one fact ethiopians pollitical leders are mafieas .

  14. A good writer and good Ethiopian! we should give credit to those who reveals the secrets which are around us! We are the people who doesn’t know how our land is being plundered! so, don’t blame those special ones who tell the truth for their people’s sake. Just try to do something important!

  15. After all Tesfaye is an Eretrean working to cause problems to Ethiopian people.
    Stupid and venomos Tesfaye, You better stop talking about Ethiopia and Ethiopian people.

  16. i am very happy for this comment as it closely analyzes the writing and interview of tesfaye with reasonable judgment. May God Bless you Bekele.i have somehow similar stand towards Tesfaye’s writings. i wish all ethiopians (especially the diaspora) to be reasonalble examine his writing closely and protect ourself from a genocide conspirated by EPLF and Portrayed by the “Devil Messengaer” Tesfaye Gebrab.EPLF and his blind supporters are known by responding harm for the Good they get from Ethiopia. Tesfaye proved himself to be one.

  17. I appreciate tesfaye book-yegazetegnaw mastawesha because it express the past situation of EPRDF government status and also how our country leaders lead the country blindely and emotinal thinking.however tesfaye is one of the woyane leaders who is ethiopian leads to natives politics but if he is feel guilty consiousnes,and also he feels express his guilty by writing books all the reader must give his undrestandig towards his book.In my opinion i got different information about iiresposible governmet of woyane leaders.any way thank you for his effort.

  18. Yegazetegnaw mastawesha shed some light in the way the current politicians operate in Ethiopia. I don’t it is any different in Eritrea if not worse (though it is avoided intentionally in the book). Our “politicians” (Woyane and Shabia) are the two faces of the same coin. We want peace in Ethiopia and Eritrea. As to the legality of Eritrea (for those of you who are too innocent to think it is illegal) we are a generation away since Eritrea has become a sovereign country. I give credit for Ato Tesfaye at least for saying something (God knows it is the truth), though this does not set him free from what he has done as a member of EPRDF.

  19. I personally believe that Ato Tesfaye does not qualify to be called an Ethiopian.

  20. Do any of you guys including Mr. Bekle have thorough understanding of the problems between Eritrea and Ethiopia before and after federation/annexation? Why are we where we are now today? Could the problem(s) have been solved, if the then leaders had thought about the matter wisely? Last but not least, Mr. Bekele, do you have any comments about Shaleka Dawit’s (Kehdet bedem meret) book? As far as I am concerened, Mr Tesfay didn’t claim that he is a professor. He stated clearly that he was a non entity in the beginning of the first chapter. I admit that even though the writing style of Ye Bourka Zemeta was superb, the theme was a little out of touch. I know Debre Zeit very well and there is no way one can differentiate an Amhara from the Oromo, ’cause everybody speaks both languages fluently. As to the independence of Eritrea, you have to bear in mind that the referendum was held post victory by force. It could have been avoided if Col Mengistu would have listened to Generals Demise and Tariku. Now, since that part of the history can’t be re-written, we all should learn how both people should live in harmony. And I would advise everybody to refrain from using inflammatory language in the comminique. So, Mr. Bekele, I don’t mean to lecture you but you could have used diplomatic language in your letter.
    Long live the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia

  21. It is sad to hear that some people have the gut to call a person Ethiopian or otherwise. The main problem here is that everyone wants others to think the same way they do. One should not be judgmental about a person who tried to do what he can (expose the information he has), when in the other hand this ones did nothing. From his writing I deducted that Ato Bekele seems to be so biased and hatefull toward Ato Tesfaye. Just because he did not heard what he want from the interview, that is the end of it and he has to blaspheme. Instead of attacking the person why not attack the idea which you believe is wrong and provide proof. That, for me, would be respecting the freedom of thinking and expressing ones idea. Otherwise you are nothing more than the current leaders of Ethiopia. Ato Tesfaye, as he mentioned, wrote personal memoir not a text book. We don’t have to be too critical.

  22. I believe that Tesfaye has perfectly put the fact in both Ye burqa Zimita and Ye gazetegnaw Mastawesha. Tesfaye has revealed the truth how our leaders are leading the country. Some of you including Mr. Bekele, it only chauvinism that makes you blind to understand the feeling of the majority of the people living in Ethiopia. Your wish is still to return the old fashion of your father. Please let every body think how to have a country that everybody can freely live in it.

  23. I just finished reading, Yegazetegnaw Mastawesha.The writer of this article makes a lot of good points. Any one born with Eritrean blood, be it born in Addis, Asmara or for that matter any where in the world has a strong opinion about Eritrean history. There can only be one answer to the question of Eritrean referendum, I do or I dont.

  24. “Yegazetegnaw Mastawesha” although it looks informative is very divisive!! The book belittles the roles of other political participators other than TPLF. It emphasize the evil doings of the political operators which is not new to the public. What we need from those who have talent to write is to work on the ideas that unite us. To write free of hatred and vengeance. I think LOVE is the solution for our problems.

  25. i can not verify your information.but what i could say is you are a good writer & keep on writing other things too.

  26. Even if tesfaye is flexible person we should accept some truths,some how his talk shows for as our country is led by leboch as i see when i was in ministry of information of ethiopia in a position of minister deata.long live ethiopia!!!!

  27. Tesfish has tried to show us some “LITTLE LITTLE” conspiracies he has ever noticed. I, what’s new, know some but pretty bitter plots that any one can not imagine who is/are said a leader/leaders will do it too.
    you guys who are argueing about these things, what tesfish has revealsd, should be ignorant or fulish who always beleive, as “The leaders” wanted you to be, “leader” is a LEADER. pls you gays! it’s the time, atleast, to wake up, albeit we can not go farther. thus lets open our closed, not blind, eyes.
    I some times pity the word WOYANE for I think we wouldn’t be irretated to hear it when it is said if those, not these for they are not ours/ethiopians, trashes had’t opt it to be their name. don you think. I said it for we don have any problem with the wod. Look! If they were called just Sugar, don you think we would be sick off sugar?
    God bless America which is a home for those who had home, ethiopia, but burgled by robbers.
    thanx a lot,Tesfish!
    write me @ ezra.tmichael@yahoo.com.

  28. As any journalist you tried to accomplish your professional mission layally. So I appreciate your confidence. You are not “Feri”.

    I expect by a great longing your second part of yegazetegnaw mastawesha.

    “Eskeziaw Egziabher Yitebkeh”

  29. Ato Tesfaye, we were atleast not as young as you were to understand what was going on then. Please stay away and do something else for living. Ethiopians had enough lies and too late for you to play fool. You all were mafias and still you are. We Ethiopians hope, sooner or later, regain our spirit of unity and nationality. Don’t spend too much time to destroy the land of hope, you can’t succeed.

    Unity for Ethiopians.

  30. actually tesfaye is not ethiopian ,he was shabiya messanger and, an instrument for weyanny propaganda…….

    so becarefull man ,dont belive all wat he is talking even now he is in assmera to be shabiya patriot…….

  31. Bekele, you tried to see your analysis through very narrow Nefetgna mentality. The book by Tesfaye Ge-gebreab if not all has tried to disclose many of the TPLF secrets in killing, character assassination of individuals and black mailing of individuals who stand on their way. Moreover, Bekele, you seem to too tied to Eritrean case, now Ethiopia is divided not on provinces but on ethnicity and clan level. Now as a surname comes your ethnicity and/or clan, ex Berhanu Gojamiew, Meteku Gonderiew, Getachew Menziew, Mentesenot Meriew, Bekele Menziew. Even with the same ethnic group they used all possible means to divide Ethiopia in to more than 100 ministates. But Bekele you hang on Eritrea.

    If Tesfaye talks about the fedration of East African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti what is wrong with it. The blood relations you mention with Eritrea is an old slogan of your likes which during neither the Haile Sellassie nor Menghistu Hailemariam has never been mentioned. Your accomplices which have killed, raped and looted the Eritrean people only speaking about the gate to the Red Sea and ports of Assab and Massawa.

    If you are innocent to yourself that the Ogaden Somalia are brothers to the Somalia mainland and Jouputi, the Afars of Ethiopia are brothers to the Afars in Joubouti and Eritrea. The Oromos in Borona are brothers to the Oromos in Kenya. Therefore your Ethiopia are the lineage of Siemetic lines, others are not Ethiopians.

    Bekele please forget now Eritrea don`t clinch on dead issue, if you want to keep the integerity of Ethiopia as a people and a nation try to challenge the ethnicity venom the Weyane is trying to inculcate into the mindset of our people.

    Weyane have tried to divide us along clan so that they can rule and exploit our resources to establish a state of Tigrai.

    Using the pretext of Ethio Eritrean war Air Force is practically moved from Debre Zeit to Mekele, all heavy armaments tanks, missiles, Air defense system are mainly in Tigrai region. More than 80% of the heavy Earth moving equipment are in Tigrai, the Tekeze Hydroelectric power, the cement factory, the pharmaceutical industry, universities and colleges through out Tigrai. Now they have paved all what they require to seceed at the cost of ethnically divided and weak Ethiopia that can not challenge them economically and militariy if at all exists as a nation.

    Look Bekele, hunger in Aressi Negele, Qu`yera area the most fertile but not in Tigrai, therfore we have to organize ourself to save Ethiopia singing old songs for more 18 years will not take us anywhere it will lead only to the suffering of our people.

    As a result it would be counter productive to redicule Tesfaye for not commenting about Eritrea probably he could have his own personal problem for not commenting. I found his book to be one of the best books I read and it is also a more of guilty of confession.

  32. Why did ommit the comment I wrote to Ato Bekele? You condemn Woyane for suppressing the Ethiopian people for their democratic rights to speak and write their thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it seems to me that you are hypocrats if you fail to post my comments to Bekele and the comment that I forwarded are solid facts if not you can disprove it.

    Therefore, I request you kindly to post my comments, if you are genuine democrats.

    Ethiopia will prevail

  33. Please Gash Tsegaye keep on telling or updating us about the overall activities of Woyane. Your book (Yegazetenaw Mastawesha) should inspire or motivate others to stand on the side of truth.

  34. i am terriblly confused about the author of the book. i have a greave daubt that tesfaye wrote this book funded by….for a highly secretive and urgent political mission .after all, what if all his migration and staff like this are a kind of drama for this ‘political mission’. i have seen(in his book) no discomfort on his migratory endeavors.

  35. I don’t care if it is false or true but I love the book( yegazetegnaw mastawosha) and read it twice and I love your ye birka zimita too. you a very talented writer.

  36. dear Editor(Ato Bekele)
    i read both ‘yeburqa zimita’ and ‘ye gazetegnaw mastawesha’ and as i read your argument its your arguement that is nonsense. Any one including Ato tesfaye can write his/her own view and specially Ato Tesfaye was EPRDF himself so its logical to believe his arguement.

    let Good writers like him write a lot as we youngesters know the past and lead the future with no bias. I like the writing of Ato tesfaye a lot

  37. Everything is hard for those who want everyone to think like them. That is the main problem I am seeing on us, the habeshas. If we are broad minded we don’t expect too much from others. Instead of asking ourselves what we contributed to the society we run to criticize others. Though not prefect, Tesfaye did what he could. You bunch of critics, ask yourselves as to what you did other than insulting and big mouthing. I am not saying that, what all Tesfaye did and said are truth/lie. Yet he has the right say what he wants and at times on some issues he might choose to be silent. Being civil is allowing others to express their ideas. Lets all grow up and give him a chance to write more of what he knows.

  38. hi
    i like yegazetenaw mastawesha,i found it more entertanig.thank u and keep it up.
    Everything is hard for those who want everyone to think like them. That is the main problem I am seeing on us, the habeshas. If we are broad minded we don’t expect too much from others. Instead of asking ourselves what we contributed to the society we run to criticize others. Though not prefect, Tesfaye did what he could. You bunch of critics, ask yourselves as to what you did other than insulting and dizi izle big mouthing. I am not saying that, what all Tesfaye did and said are truth/lie. Yet he has the right say what he wants and at times on some issues he might choose to be silent. Being civil is allowing others to express their ideas. Lets all grow up and give him a chance to write more of what he knows.

  39. I feel so hungry while I finish reading his Stupid book. Further I understand how he was penalizing the Amharas while he was in power. God is always with those needy one!! He got his hand. Further more please got a message that both Amhara and Oromos will continue to live together and they also built the new strong as well as reach Ethiopia.

  40. I read the book though it have no any message to any body who use his/her mind.what ever you say Tesfaye, no political party is not in the position to rule this country, Ethiopia. EPRDF was commiting a lot of mistiake since a cradle of dirty minded individuals including you were their in the past. Thanks to Meles Zenawi all of you are geting your actual work.

  41. Tesfaye thank you. I read both books and I congratulate you for mastering the narration any amhara including the person who wrote this critique can’t. You are the true Ethiopian. Yes, Eritrean people say no to oppression and distorting history on their dislike. I will say to good relationship as neighbors but no to be lead by ass holes like Mengistu and Melese. Bravo Tesfaye I can not wait to read your new book despite your enemies got it free by scanning and put it as a PDF file. I will write you privately how to protect your work from this “SEWBELA” HAYENAS. They will never learn that they lost but we know how to eradicate them. viva ERITREA !!!

  42. Tesfaye is a messanger from Shabia and took sub agreement to write “Yegazetegnaw Mastawesha”. As an Eritrean citizen he wrote a fabricated book like ERi TV and Demtsi Hafash. Where is the problem then? This is the typical behaviour of Eritrean politicians and followers. A person who visited Eritrea to signed another agreement against Ethiopia could not be honest for everevr.God Bless Ethiopia

  43. Tesfaye is doing his business for his coutry(eriteria).But we ethiopians are not not not..bravo tesfaye.

  44. This guy is a desperate Shabia on a desperate mission to reverse Eritrea’s shuttered dream, which is “Ethiopia Yegarachin, Eritrea Yegilachin.

  45. This guy is a desperate shabia on a desperate mission to reverse Eritrea’s dream of prospering over Ethiopia’s shoulder.

  46. Mr Bekele is concerned only about Eritrea not about the damage done by the TPLF gangs. He wanted to distruct us from our main agenda by speaking about Eritrea. Whether you want or not Eritrea had gone. Furthermore, the my country is divided in ethinic line vertically. This is imposed on all of us who are not belonging to the Tigrigna speakers.

    Tesfaye is an Ethiopien and no need to ask you about his feeling and nationality.

  47. You Ethiopians, Don’t say we are close in blood to ask for unification. The Eritrean people to the south of course close to Ethiopia culturally and ethinically. But the north and eastern people are more closer to Sudan. The same is true the southern Ethiopia people looks like Somalians. What you should think is how to live as neighnours peacefully. We were alone before the 50 and we want to continue alone forever. There is no marriage by force.

  48. No marriage by force. Eritrtea was alone before the 50s and wants to continue free forever. We are not only related in culture to Ethiopia but with Sudan and other neighbour countries too. But that doesn’t gurantee unification.

  49. Well done Tesfaye ! Weyane and buchiloch are trying so hard , even on this sight .
    Gena Gena …. bedenb argeh WiKHalign ….. NekHtenal !

  50. Mr. Tesfaye is one piece of shit and don’t even deserve the name ” author”. I read all his books and they are all written with myopic mindset and to create rifts between different groups in the country. Don’t be fooled by his “new” book.

  51. Tesfaye You are The First Genoside Author In The World.Ethiopian problems Only For ethiopians responsibility & mandets.Former Weyane & Shabeya Inposible You Can Say ethiopian please You was killed Many inosent nathions. Without Moral Inposible To Be Othor.Think About Your Proud peoples ER!

  52. Irrespective of all your discouraging or encouraging comments Tesafye will keep on revealing facts. He is not spreading venom but facts which is very difficult for some of you to swallow.

  53. South africa Black & white living Together even Tesfaye.How Do You Fill In SA. You read “YE BURKA ZEMETA” Still Now You are write?

  54. One thing is for sure and that is not many of us have the courage to admit our wrongdoings let alone publish them for the whole world to know. You can judge Tesfay based on your own analysis but until you have the courage to write what you know based on your own experience you need to zip it up let others tell a story like it is. One phrase you keep going back is Mr. Tesfaye’s views on Eritrean referendum. That is a tiny fraction of his writing and you want to make a mountain out of it.

  55. Hay
    Isayas II !! do u have another Fake, forged, sham and deception statement?

  56. Tesfaye Do You wont To Get Feam Like Bealu Germa?Inposible.Bealu he Was write “Oromay”In His Posithion He was Neverafraid of DERGE But You are write this book outside Ethiopia.Former Weyane Author You was write”Yeburqa Zemeta”in ethiopia.a Big Diference B/n the first book and The New One Men too Hard Beliving You Tesfaye!

  57. Bitter Fact For E.P.R.D.F. Leader.We Will Got Many Secrets The Next Books Thank You Tesfaye But I Heat Your Former Book”ye Burka Zemeta”.You Was Write That Book Alone?Or Some Body Give You Some Aidea?You Must Have Say Sory For That Book Ok Sweety Thank you Very Much Again!

  58. Despite the rose flower has abound by horny parts it smell pleasant on the other hand.long live EPDRF

  59. I KNOW ato tesfay very well,even when he assigned to work at press organaization by bereket.starting from that day his mission was tragatful commandant on eritrian issue,always he send all information about security to eritrian using transit of sudan.this all things are known by the goverment ,but most of them are supporter of this.so not only tesfaye,all other ministers are specially ato bereket ,must take this bad credit .b/c he knows all !! so pls all readers must see the situation in this angle.
    i see also what bereket defend about tesfaye ,but it is ashame…..BEREKET ANTEME AND KINE GINE TIMOTALEHE….EGEZABEHARE YEDEHA AMLAKEME YEFERDEBIHALE….

  60. Tesfaye himself is an eritrean ,he claims he is an abasha, preaches unity …if the blood matters . yebereket eritrean mehonna ethiopiawi ,amara ,negn malet , memrat lemn yaschenkewal ? Why should one believe tesfaye any better than Bereket if it is about the blood.If Bereket doesnt care for the Amaharas because he is an eritrean as TG/Ab says why should i belive that he cares for the Oromos or the Amharas .Tesfayen beHiwehat /be -balesiltanat bayneka noro what would happen ?

  61. Ato Tesfaye’s writing skill and his Amharic language construction is very admirable. Without knowing the writer I used to admire the writer of “Terarawene Yanketeket Tewelde” (please note it is not the content but the language I am referring to).
    I really enjoyed reading his recent two books – the way he connect events is beautiful. So far my favorite writers used to be Berhanu Zerihun and Bealeu Girma and know I will rank Tesfaye as the third one.
    In his recent book he made two mistakes “Yederasew Mastawesha”. First – Ato Samuel of Sunshine is not a Tigriane – he is a Gurage from Sodo. Second General Tesfaye H/Mariam (the 4th course graduate of Harar Military Acedamey) is not the one who was the anti-hijacker while Marta Mebratu and company tried to hijack the EAL – the person in charge was B.General Tesfaye Areru who was the graduate of the 6th Harar Military Academy. B. General Tesfaye died natural death few years back (may be 5-8 years back).

  62. I just want to ask Ato Tesfaye one question, if he is willing to answer it
    What are you doing in Asmara… if you really think about this poor country….?
    Finally I want to tell you, we don’t need a book telling about something irrelevant…Just be honest… good luck

  63. Ethiopians please deeply investigate the wickedness of woyane against the Ethiopian people and the country. Tesfaye Gebreab is one of the stunt actors of the woyane drama. He is an intentional confused confuser. Lidetu Ayalew being the next. All what he told us is the contradiction between his real evil deeds and the bloods of innocents who cries in his hands (Habesha bloodsheds). Refer to what he did being as a soldier journalist (playing the game of hidden “selela”for woyanne/shabia) in Debre Tabor Eyesus Terara war(more than 17,000 dead’s in his own words-YEKATIT 19/20,1982 E.C) ,by giving secret information for the opposite side (SHABIA &WOYANE) p.33,on p.43/45.He acts as if he is dead drunk to deceive captain Belete not to discover his “ selela” mission for the bombardment of DERG soldiers’-the sons of the Ethiopian farmers and the poor). He killed the soldiers and takes their clothes/Resa Gefafi (p.48 IN HIS BOOK) and expressed his desire to fight against the Derg in the end.(P.50). HE MIXED THE HIDDEN REALITY THAT HE WAS “THE EVIL SELAY” BY CREATIVE ELEMENTS IN THE STORY TELLING.THE ETHIOPIANS WOULD NEVER BE DECIEVED ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only woyane`s and those who do not learn from history do believe this half-fabricated creative story.To understand the wicked woyane and Wodi Hagos`s evil deeds drama, discover and learn from their history. Both have no moral ground to speak about the people of Ethiopia. The woyane`s kicked him off because their mission is accomplished. There is no big difference between Bereket Simon,Tesfaye Gebreab and Lidetu Ayalew.both betray their country. The primary goal of the people of Ethiopia should be to uncover the wickedness and evil deeds of woyane and its invisible hands. We are not new to woyane`s stupidity and wicked unipolar mentality. We deeply understand that what is in Ethiopia is not infant democracy but aged DEMAGOCRACY (where the leaders manipulate the people). EPRDF do not have the moral ground at all.
    Look how his double face (double sword) continues up to now with varying tactics and strategy. Meles`s ( one man wicked, mean, evil ruler in Ethiopia) Gimgema serves as a purpose of burying down different views and questions of the people and in propagating his ideas forcefully & mercilessly.it is obvious that all nation nationalities parties in Ethiopia are the handcrafts of Meles Zenawi (the Ethiopian MACHEAVELLI) but Gebreab is used as Meles`s hired gun in clearing former members of the woyane by telling us what is written by Meles (the master mind of evil deeds) and his footsteps for strategic political ends .They have accomplished their mission of enslaving the Ethiopian people).what he writes about the war is “ Wene Seleba ”. He wants to say “I`m free” by selecting the good sides of events and views for himself and plays the game by calculated manipulation of condemning EPRDF members instead of the system itself- to gain the hearts and minds of the people in vain. He was/is/will continue to be the messenger of the wicked woyane leaders (especially Meles ). Ethiopians condemn him of hatching a bloody plot between the Amhara and Oromo people is clearly manifested by “Ye Burka Zemta”.What he told us is only his distorted self-image and of the woyanne. Wodi Hagos, please come out of the secret box thinking of the woyanne and tell us your real face rather than correcting your evil mistake by your evilest deeds. Wodi Hagos is a war criminal like Meles Zenawi and he should be arrested and his properties should be confiscated. Please tell this hidden personality of Wodi Hagos to your friend, your relative for knowledge and the media organizations in the world to investigate this reality. BE WISE!!!!!Let me tell you another thing the total number of people registered for the 2010 Ethiopia election were 16.4 million. But the national electoral board of Ethiopia said it is 32 million. The rest cards are given for EPRDF members to put in the secret ballot box, as insider sources exposed. Tell this story to the world!(PART2)
    MICKY, Ethiopia

    TEGADALAYE (Wodi) Hagos, who is loyal to his curse, is dictating the evil faction leaders of Woyane in different pens. He is serving as a battlefield ground for wicked woyane dictators. TEGADALAYE (wodi)” HAGOS” is the secret manipulative voice of the woyane. He is an international criminal who helped Woyanne and shabia for the killings of thousands of Ethiopians by giving information to the woyannes while he was working as a soldier journalist in Debre Tabor civil war(between the Derg &Woyane). He is the messenger of the woyane in secret and invisible bloody hands. The secret will be open when a dooms day comes to the murderes (woyane and its handmade regional parties (TELALAKIWOCH)(ANDM, , OPLF, etc and their allies as individually and in groups). He is the mouth piece character of ever wicked woyanes (“ye woyane selay” in the people, in the ANDM etc.) He is the master of woyane`s spin in different faces (ONE MAN WOYANE MEDIA). He published “the journalist`s memoir” as dictated and given by the woyane`s(endeworede yetetsafe) in return for the big sum of money from the evil politicians. He begins his writing by labeling as “ ye gojjamme senselet” heralding woyane`s wicked, narrow -minded divide and rule policy. He cultivated his deep rooted hatred of the Amhara people (as indoctrinated by woyane). He is again trying to manipulate the people of Ethiopia and the world by using his masked face.
    Ethiopians please deeply investigate the wickedness of woyane against the Ethiopian people and the country. Tesfaye Gebreab is one of the stunt actors of the woyane drama. He is an intentional confused confuser. Lidetu Ayalew being the next. All what he told us is the contradiction between his real evil deeds and the bloods of innocents who cries in his hands (Habesha bloodsheds). Refer to what he did being as a soldier journalist (playing the game of hidden “selela”for woyanne/shabia) in Debre Tabor Eyesus Terara war(more than 17,000 dead’s in his own words-YEKATIT 19/20,1982 E.C) ,by giving secret information for the opposite side (SHABIA &WOYANE) p.33,on p.43/45.He acts as if he is dead drunk to deceive captain Belete not to discover his “ selela” mission for the bombardment of DERG soldiers’-the sons of the Ethiopian farmers and the poor). He killed the soldiers and takes their clothes/Resa Gefafi (p.48 IN HIS BOOK) and expressed his desire to fight against the Derg in the end.(P.50). HE MIXED THE HIDDEN REALITY THAT HE WAS “THE EVIL SELAY” BY CREATIVE ELEMENTS IN THE STORY TELLING.THE ETHIOPIANS WOULD NEVER BE DECIEVED ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I read all Tesfaye’s books.He is really a writer like a fall of a river.His plot is similar with that of Bealu Girma’s style of writing.I really appreciate his work on Yegazetegnaw and Yederasiw Mastawesha.Those who criticize his works are GETSEBAHRIWOCH from those books.Tesfish let the GETSEBAHRIWOCHIH to speak out don’t touch them,let them run and enjoy.After all you write about them.I will write on your email adress a lot of things.

  66. we don’t need any one from Asmara because we know what they r doing….you r an active participant in Genocide….would u plz tell us your intention to write this book and going back to Eritrea? if u feel like an Ethiopian? Why don’t u live us to live in our paradise Ethiopia is paradise 4 us i don’t know 4 u and Esu Wode Afeworq……we don’t want….any more u guys from Asmera

  67. Why don’t you guys with negative comments about Tesfaye and his origin stop on living on your traditional school of tought and at least write 1 paragraph about your poor country Ethiopia. You are lucky to get Tefaye a brilliant Eritrean to write for you. As you know Eritreans are always better than you and we even were first class citizens the time we were together. As for the Eritrean independence it is a dead story but you must blame Neftegaw Minilik for his Wuchale Treaty than the inocent Tefaye Gebreab. Also we defeated/crashed you to be independent and made a referendum to show our politness to the world.

  68. Why do you all waste your time over something that is done already. Tesfaye, for whatever reasons, has said what he said. It’s up to you or me to believe what he said or not to believe it. For me, even if only half of what is said is true, he is a hero.

  69. even if He was one of those killed us he help us to know what was going on in the past enabling to predict current

  70. whatever negative connotations may be truly forwarded against Tesfaye,he is still the only person to be trusted validly for most of his allegations against the ruling party.go on tesfish.

  71. Dear Tesfaye,
    Please leave us alone and do your hiden politics.You are a real headache for Ethiopia.It is time for us to Unit and liberate our country.You call names which is uncalled for.
    You arevindictive in nature,unforgiving and harmful.Regrest and sorry are non existant in your vocabulary because of the hidden agena you are carrying out.I am ashamed with your deeds.
    Please ,please leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I stay south africa and I am happy to stay here and we we ethiopian so lucky this man see this country this country can teach you how the rase discrimination is dangoures this man come and stay two weeks and try to write about rase he say when the time of election zulu people dancing,I WAS discouse with white lady jornalist and yemesaseluten mesaf jemero neber yezi hager yetegfa selehone geta wedeza gefaw.

  73. Mr Bekele I was born in asmara in early 70’s during that time sometimes there wasn’t electricity so we used candle. As a kid I used to play with the candle by saying if the wind didn’t blow the candle then eritrea will be free and we do our best to cover the candle from the wind. So the referendum is must it is not because tesfaye or not because you don’t like it. After all who are you to decide about Eritreans just stop dreaming.

  74. I like the way { the Memo of the journalist } was presented
    and the endurance of the writer as well .
    superb deed keep it up !

  75. Tesfaye is former member of weyane w/c was stood enemy of ethiopia he done weyane mission also now he can’t like ethios peac

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