እውን የኢፊዲሪ ህገ መንግስት ችግር ፈቺ ነው?

ይድረስ ለእነ አቶ ገብሩ አሥራት
ሰሎሜ ኢዮብ
መስከረም 2009
በፈረንጅ ሀገር መንገደኞች በባቡር ሲጓዙ የምሳ ሰዓት ደርሶ ኖሮ ተሳፋሪዎች በየምናምኑ የያዙትን ምግብ እያወጡ መመገብ ይጀምራሉ፡፡ አንዱ ተሳፋሪ የሚመገበው አሣ ነበር፡፡ የአሣውን ጭንቅላት በጥንቃቄ እየሰበረ እርጥበት በማይስብ ወረቀት እየጠቀለለ ከኪሱ በመክተት ሌላውን እየቆረጣጠመ ሲበላ ከፊለፊቱ የተቀመጠ ሌላው ተሳፋሪ በመገረም ይመለከተዋል፡፡ ተገራሚው መንገደኛ ለጫወታ መክፈቻ ይሆነው ዘንድ … [Read More…]

Soap actor Znah-Bzu Tsegaye flees Ethiopia

Prominent Ethiopian actor Znah-Bzu Tsegaye has sought asylum in the US after leaving the country about two months ago, he told Voice of America.

The actor was in a weekly soap opera Sew Le Sew on state television.

He left because of “repeated harassment and for being Amhara” reports the … [Read More…]

Ethiopia at the crossroads with its government

By Tibor Nagy

For the Avalanche-Journal
There has been considerable media coverage lately for a number of Ethiopian Olympic athletes who’ve publicly proclaimed their support for ongoing demonstrations against the Ethiopian government, and expressed fear that they may be harmed, or worse, if they … [Read More…]

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sheger FM AAU consultative meeting … [Read More…]

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