China urges S. Sudan ceasefire as peace talks stutter

ADDIS ABABA/KHARTOUM (Reuters) - China, the biggest investor in South Sudan's oil industry, called on Monday for an immediate ceasefire in the world's newest state, as rebel and government negotiators haggled over the scope of peace talks meant to end three weeks of fighting. Chinese Foreign … [Read more...]

South Sudan rebuffs Cairo on Nile waters agreements

  "South Sudan does not recognise - and underline does not recognise – the content of the 1959 agreement,” said Water and Irrigation minister Paul Mayom Akech. “Having been under Sudan at the time, we could not say anything, today we say, we have nothing to do with this agreement,” the … [Read more...]

South Sudan to Truck Oil Through Ethiopia, Djibouti for Export

  An accord signed on March 12 in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, envisages crude being exported via Djibouti’s Red Sea port of Douraleh, South Sudan Deputy Petroleum Minister Elizabeth James Bol said in an interview today. Douraleh is 1,469 kilometers (913 miles) northeast of Juba, the … [Read more...]

South Sudan’s daughter marries Ethiopian

Assistant Parish Priest for All Saints Rejaf Catholic Church, Fr. James Lado, officiated Adut’s marriage to an Ethiopian, Nardes Gebeyehu Alemneh. Click here for More pictures … [Read more...]

Sudanese Forces to Withdraw From Abyei Region as Ethiopian Troops Move in

Khartoum seized Abyei's main town on May 21, causing tens of thousands of people to flee, triggering an international outcry and raising fears the two sides could return to open conflict. Representatives of the south's dominant party, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), and the Sudanese … [Read more...]